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北欧专家Audun Engh应邀在cba竞猜举行城市设计专题讲座

2012917日下午1830 来自北欧挪威的专家Audun Engh先生应cba竞猜邀请在我校建筑系馆多功能厅做了题目为“New Urbanism and urban design based on community participation in US and Europe" (欧美基于社区参与的新城市主义以及城市设计)的英文讲座。cba竞猜的陈闻喆老师为讲座进行了现场翻译。
讲座主讲专家Audun Engh先生来自北欧挪威奥斯陆,为CEU — Council for European Urbanism 以及 INTBAU — International Network for Traditional Buidling, Architecture and Urbanism的委员会委员。此次为他第一次来到中国,也是他第一次访问中国的高等院校。在此之前,Engh先生及INTBAU委员会曾与海外多个高校及学术团体合作并开展学术交流,此次应邀莅临我校举行讲座,也为本院拓展海外交流合作作出进一步促进。
此次讲座是由陈闻喆老师主持的 “北京建筑工程学院双语课程建设项目——The Introduction of Urban Design(城市设计概论)” 课程系列的活动内容之一。 这也是cba竞猜响应学校号召积极开展双语教学建设的进一步实践。该课程及讲座同时面向本科生及研究生同学,得到cba竞猜师生积极参与与支持。

AudunEngh lectures on Urban Design and New Urbanism at Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
September 17, 2012
 At 18:30 pm on September 17, 2012, Mr. AudunEngh, the expert from Norway, was invited by the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, at the BeijingUniversity of Civil Engineering and Architecture (BUCEA) to give a lecture in Urban Design with the title “New Urbanism and urban design based on community participation in US and Europe”. Dr. Chen WenZhe Cathleen, the assistant professor of the school of Architecture and Urban Planning translated the lecture.
AudunEngh, from Oslo, Norway, is a board member of the C.E.U. - Council for European Urbanism, and I.N.T.B.A.U. - International Network the for Traditional Building Architecture and Urbanism Committee. This is his first visit to China, and also the first visit to a Chinese university. Before this, Mr. Engh has had wide connection and collaboration with a number of overseas universities and academic organizations. His visit to BUCEA contributed to the international communications and collaborations between BUCEA and oversea academic organizations.
In this lecture, Mr. Engh introduced the current practice in urban design in Europe and the United States, with a focus on the urban design practices and methods in Nordic cities. He presented the basic principles and some recent projects of the New Urbanism movement in the US and Europe. Especially, he explained the method of “charrette” as a resolution in urban planning and design in Europe. Besides, Mr. Engh expressed his feelings and thinking of China's current practice of urban design and development. Before the end of the lecture, teachers and students engaged in a pleasant discussion with Mr. Engh. The feedbacks for the Lecture are good and the audience felt very beneficial.
This lecture was also a section of the series programs of “The Introduction of Urban Design – ‘BUCEA’ s Bilingual Course Development Funding Project’ ”, which is chaired by Dr. Chen WenZhe Cathleen. This is also a further step in the practices of bilingual course development by the School of Architecture and Urban Planning. This course program is open to both, undergraduate and postgraduate students, and has gained the support and active participation from the students and teachers in the School of Architecture and Urban Planning.
Additional Information about the Coming Events:
Plans are now being discussed for a study tour and a workshop / studio with students and academics at the Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture in March - April 2013.  International partners in the project could be INTBAU Scandinavia and CEU - Council for European Urbanism. 
A group of international experts will be invited to tour old and new areas of Beijing, discuss urban design principles with Chinese colleagues, faculty members and students, and participate in a studio project to make design proposals for a specific development site in or close to Beijing.
When plans for the event are confirmed, the project will be announced on the Beijing university, CEU and INTBAU websites.
AudunEngh, Oslo, Norway. Email
Chen WenZhe, Cathleen, Beijng, China. Email